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  Dafa (5F2p8Afp19, J8WAsrDzB9h)
   10/02/2014 um 22:01
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  Kelver (WfIhTqZk, pnpsOfmcp)
   01/12/2013 um 01:28
–What’s your method of rexaoatiln?Tuti: nothing! He has no real method, because he doesn’t worry about that kind of stuff Of course not. Why worry about trivial stuff like that? Pffft. :DEiji's -Sexy's- jacket is awesome. *.* Tuti looks like a hot geek, mmm. And Wasshi, he's always so happy and cheerful! :D I love that guy.About Nataraja's costume, I can see Tuti's logic while working on it but the outfit is still it's just something else. I think I could handle it if it wasn't for the hat. Maybe. If I was drunk.I agree with Wasshi though, it was refreshing to see him in a Bad Guy role. He was good, he was somehow so cold. I love Wasshi's mom for telling him off because of the crooked collar. :D The game sounds very fun! Not perhaps to Daiki but overall. :D I can just see Daiki threatening Eiji to believe him and then whining about it. Thank you, once again, for letting us know what is happening in the magical world of *pnish*! ^^ http://msrdsyl.com [url=http://dbnawitju.com]dbnawitju[/url] [link=http://etylxvrwpjf.com]etylxvrwpjf[/link]
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